About EPT


There must be an easier way ...


The idea of making things easier has been driving me my entire life. And it’s also the reason why I enjoy technology and engineering, because I care about much more than just technology: My focus is on making life and work easier for people.

As the owner of EPTechnologies, I may be the company‘s managing director, but first and foremost I am a generator of technical ideas and a project manager. It is important to me to understand your challenge in the field of electrics and to develop a valid, innovative solution for you, but above one that is easy to use.


Technical innovations come about through curiosity and experience. For many years I was able to gain a lot of experience in development issues in large companies and further develop my technical intuition. Being able to spot errors in the system, design innovative alternatives and always being a step ahead is what a large number of international customers now rely on. Yet what is even more important to me is an honest, trusting working relationship with you, because our good reputation is based on your satisfaction.



Kasper Falkenberg

Owner and Managing Director of EPTechnologies GmbH