Low Voltage Battery

State of Art , very efficient Lithium Batteries


The batteries are efficient, scalable and perfectly fitted for the marine industry.

A Controller Area Network (CAN bus) is designed to allow microcontrollers and devices to communicate with each other’s applications without a host computer.

There is a lot more data than just voltage and current shared over the CANbus. Battery health of cells, battery temperature and so on are also shared over the network.

Our batteries have danish design, swiss engineering and german production, a safe DNA footprint.


EPTechnologies has developed high quality lithium batteries and extremely robust.
EPT lithium battery is available in 3 technologies, 12 VDC in LiFePO4 ,  24 and 48 VDC  NMC, with a
nominal capacity from 75 to 150Ah (2-2.8 kWh), all batteries are the same size. The battery can be connected 250 pcs.
parallel and / or 2 in series so that 48 VDC can be achieved with 2 x 24 volt batteries.
The battery is a unique combination of advanced technology and smart software that makes this lithium battery a robust,
safe and user-friendly energy storage system with built-in safety relay and Can bus. Compared to conventional lead
batteries, the EPT lithium battery offers enormous weight and space savings. It is very efficient, has extremely high
performance and is maintenance free.
As optional equipment there is a mounting bracket, racking system, display and Can to NMEA converter as well as
chargers that talk to the battery / batteries, including a storage mode.