E-M Box

The EM-Box is an innovative power management marine product which optimises efficiency in a boat's power creation and storage capacities. The product is a single solution to a number of different power management challenges and is energy, environmentally and economically efficient. Different batteries have different charging needs. The EM-Box detects what these needs are and delivers what is required. This prolongs the batteries' lives, minimising environmental impacts and regular replacement expense for the boat owner. Boat electrical systems have multiple points of failure, with many connections, fittings and wirings which are responsible for 80% of electrical system failures. The EM-Box simplifies the installation and reduces potential failures. The circuit boards and connections are localised in a single watertight box, which is the size of a shoe box. This makes installation and fault finding extremely flexible and easy. The EM-Box optimises a boat's power generation, including power from generators and alternators as well as solar and wind. This gives greater flexibility to power creation methods, will benefit the environment and will cause reduced running costs to the user.

If the EM-box is used without the system monitor PSM, the battery disconnect switches can be controlled with standard toggle switches 0-1 from any desired location. The charging characteristic are pre defined to temperature compensated IUoU-characteristic to 14,4 V/13,8 V @ 20°C.