Discharge Protection

The deep discharge protection TSA gives an acoustic warning when the battery voltage reaches the limit and 50 seconds later it turns-off the consumers to avoid the dangerous deep discharge of a the battery. The reconnection takes place automatically at 12.5V/25V. The extremely low power consumption is not an additional load on the battery. It is made to be used in conjunction with the control panel FB-TSA for remote control.


Dangerous deep discharging of a battery

When a battery is discharged, sulphating occurs in the electrodes and with so called deep discharging, an irreversible loss of capacity will take place. This is due the crystallization of materials around the electrodes. It also increase the risk of micro-short-circuits that self discharges the battery. Deep discharging must be prevented in any case in order to avoid the premature failure of the batteries. The deep discharging protector saves the batteries before a dangerous situation by disabling the consumer upon reaching the lower voltage limit. The reconnection is done automatically when the batteries are charged again.